Always Marketing Sdn Bhd is one of the largest advertising companies in terms of revenue. Founded in China, Always is a world leader in brand activation and promotions. As the Malaysian arm, we support our clients to achieve peak performance in the industry by maximizing their impact on retail sales. RetailAIM is one of our innovations; designed to equip field sales and brands teams with real-time data and create big impact for our clients’ brands. We understand our clients’ need for applied information technology to grow their businesses, especially in the retailing sector.

We support our customers’ requirements, build and customize according to their needs with our IT expertise. We assist to support integration to their existing IT systems (be it SAP/ERP/CRM or POS systems) and processes via custom-design brand new ones to align with them.

Our Niche

Field Force Management: All aspects of recruiting staff, promoters, merchandisers or sales, training, managing and supporting via RetailAIM force automation system

  • RetailAIM service
    Clients with internal field execution team can use our service as we offer Software-as-as-Service (SaaS) program
  • Custom software development
    Depending on your needs, we can tailor-make solutions for you using our existing mobility platform.

A customer-centric focus is at the heart of who we are, we pride ourselves on being professional, flexible and easy to work with. We continue to grow year on year because we work on the leading edge of technology, with the industry's leading talent to produce innovative solutions.

We Lead, We Inspire, We Excel

We tap our mutual talents, skills and expertise to take RetailAIM far beyond the 21st century. We do this by innovating our products and services so that our clients stay ahead in the industry.



An experienced FMCG Marketer, Patrick has a proven 20-year track record in Sales Operation such as FMCG and Consumer Electronics. His expertise is in Field Sales Management, Distributor Management and Channel Strategy, a wealth of experience with which he has provided solutions in the industry worldwide.


ISIT Director

Alex has more than 20 years of experience in ICT industry.

  • Tim Chooi

    Lead Mobile & Web Developer
  • Ariff Aroff

    BI Specialist
  • Meng Wei

    Mobile Application Developer
  • Hanisah

    Web Developer

Strength of Partnership

We believe in working with industry partners to achieve results. Our partnership with Microsoft is a long tradition. RetailAIM leverages on the Microsoft Azure platform to deliver speed, scalability and flexibility – essential factors to run a smooth and efficient field force automation system with less risks. We spare no effort in our drive to support our clients in the retail business sector, no matter the challenges ahead.

RetailAIM is making headlines. See us in the news.

Right Talents, Right Skills, Right People

People are our main asset. We hire the best because we believe they can contribute with their diverse talents, skills and mindsets. Our people are power-packed with enthusiasm to create varied applications through brilliant ideas. We nurture talented and creative IT people to ensure our clients enjoy innovative and future-proof solutions. Our people are continuously learning to stay ahead of innovation, so our clients benefit, grow and prosper.

Our search for the best has led us to you. Are you ready? If you are a recent graduate or an experienced IT professional, we invite you to join us. You may well be our next-in-line crop of new leaders!

Submit your CV now for priority consideration. See our positions below.

  • Senior Developers

    • Front and back end development of websites and apps
    • Generating ideas with team members and offering insightful solutions
    • Ability to meet deadlines and think strategically
  • Junior Developers

    • Love coding and app development
    • A clear and genuine interest in technological trends
    • Javascript, nodejs & ASP.NET coding
  • Interns

    • Work & learn side-by-side with our team responsible for technical and development support
    • Assist in implementing, coding, testing features, and developing reports
    • Motivated and willing to learn

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